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    Whenever you're looking for a reliable janitorial service in Indianapolis, IN, you can always count on the professional services of Indianapolis Janitorial HQ. We have assembled the most qualified cleaning professionals in the area to care for your cleaning needs. Our janitorial team can assist with your office, gym, warehouse, and any other type of cleaning services that you require. You may already have a management team to assist with building maintenance, but no one is designated to clean. Allow us to serve as your designated cleaning service. We offer a variety of beneficial cleaning services that you are sure to appreciate. When you want a flexible cleaning schedule, we can provide it to you. If it is an affordable janitorial service that you are seeking, we can offer that to you too. Why not call us up to find out all that we have to offer to you for your janitorial needs.

    About Us

    Indianapolis Janitorial HQ has set the standard for how thorough and efficient janitorial services should be. Unfortunately, very few have lived up to these standards, which is why our services are often preferred. We can customize a cleaning schedule to suit your needs and your budget. We’re available to address your service needs, whenever you believe that our services are needed. There is no set of options that you must select from, as we adapt our services to fit the needs of those whom we serve.


    If you need help with your janitorial needs, you can depend on us. We offer services to commercial businesses that require flexibility. Many of our clients operate with a budget, which is why we are willing to work with their budget to offer them the help that they need. When you’re finding it harder and harder to have your janitorial needs met, it’s time to call in for reinforcement. We’re here to help!

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    Janitorial Service

    Indianapolis Janitorial HQ is the most widely used cleaning service in Indianapolis. We always beat out the competition when someone is looking for affordable, customizable services. With the level of experience that we have, we consistently provide our clients with the most efficient services. When you want to receive great value for your money, we assure you that you’ll receive it when you rely on us for your janitorial needs.

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    Commercial Cleaning Service

    When you can’t seem to keep up with the cleaning of your commercial business, this could result in the loss of business. Don’t allow this to happen to you when we are here to assist with your cleaning needs, whenever our services are needed. Why not allow us to provide you with a deep cleaning so that you can see how good and useful our services are.

    “We went through several janitorial services in the past couple of months simply because they were not reliable. With the current pandemic, we couldn’t afford to take chances, so we hired Indianapolis Janitorial HQ. I wish we had started with this company. They are great, and they are serious about what they do.” – Stan J.

    Office Cleaning Service

    Research has proven that employees are far more productive when they are working in a clean office environment. If your offices require routine cleaning, we hope that you will consider allowing us to take care of them for you. We are fully in compliance with all necessary state cleaning regulations to ensure safety measures are adhered to. When you are not finding you're your satisfied with the company that is currently cleaning your offices; it's time to make a change. Call today and let us start planning your regular cleaning services.

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    Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning Service

    If you need someone to come in and handle your COVID cleaning service for you, call on Indianapolis Janitorial HQ. We comply with recent CDC COVID cleaning regulations. Offering the most thoroughly sanitized fitness center possible. We can clean your facility as frequently as you would like. If you don't want to have to shut down your facility due to COVID cases, we would highly recommend that you allow us to assume responsibility for your cleaning.

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    “I tried to open my gym several times, but I couldn't find a cleaning service that I could trust would offer the type of cleaning that I needed to be compliant with CDC COVID-19 regulations. I spoke to other businesses in the area, and they recommended the Indianapolis Janitorial HQ. These guys are great. They are thorough and offer great pricing.” – Chase R.

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    Covid Cleaning Service

    Protect yourself, your guests, and your employees from COVID-19 by allowing us to perform your cleanings. As a property manager or business owner, you are responsible for keeping those who do business with you and your employees safe. We can assist you in doing so by providing you with COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services.

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    Warehouse Cleaning Service

    We have the manpower needed to thoroughly and effectively clean your warehouse. With the proper tools and the expertise of our cleaners, we can have your warehouse cleaning performed in no time. Call on us, as we will effectively clean and disinfect your warehouses.

    “We highly recommend the services of Indianapolis Janitorial HQ because they always do a good job of cleaning our offices. They never seem to cut corners, and if we have a special request, they are willing to accommodate it.” – Janice W.

    Contact Us Today

    Chances are that you are seeking janitorial services or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Stop what you are doing and give us a call to speak with our associates about your janitorial needs. If you want to compare our services to that of any other janitorial services in Indianapolis, we’ll help you do this by providing you with our pricing. We are usually far less expensive than our competition, which is why our services are chosen to theirs. If this is important to you, then why not give us a call and let us prove it to you.